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Pomona Valley Car Insurance [Costs and Companies]

Pomona Valley StatisticsDetails
City Population256,329
Claremont – 36,054
La Verne – 32,288
Pomona – 153,350
San Dimas – 34,637
Zip Codes91711, 91750, 91766, 91767, 91768, 91773
City Density3,889 people per square mile
Average Cost of Car Insurance$5,281.32
Cheapest Car Insurance CompanyUSAA (followed by Progressive)
Road ConditionsPoor Share: 34%
Mediocre Share: 30%
Fair Share: 11%
Good Share: 10%
VOC: $921

Pomona Valley is a region in southern California located in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Pomona Valley is home to the L.A. County Fair, which takes place each year in the city of Pomona, and is also the host of the accredited California State Polytechnic University-Pomona (or Cal Poly Pomona), which is also located in the city of Pomona.

Pomona Valley is host to an array of communities — Claremont, La Verne, Montclair, Pomona, and San Dimas, to name a few — and while public transportation does its best to serve Pomona Valley, driving is the more popular option.

That’s why it’s important to talk about car insurance.

Whether you’re a resident in Pomona Valley or looking to drive through the beautiful region, knowing about car insurance and laws is extremely important.

No worries, we’re here to help. Finding the right rates and best companies can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive car insurance guide.

Here’s a one-stop place to everything Pomona Valley, including the cost of car insurance in Pomona Valley, as well as roadways. We’ve also included information on vehicle theft and city laws.

So buckle up as we take a trip through the realm of Pomona Valley.

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Table of Contents

The Cost of Car Insurance in Pomona Valley

What are the common factors that car insurance companies consider when assessing your rates?

This may be common knowledge to some; however, oftentimes, there are factors that are not on most people’s radars. Don’t worry — we’ll address common factors such as age and location, but we’ll also be discussing other factors that may not be so obvious, like commute times.

Read on to find out more.

Does gender and age affect my car insurance in Pomona Valley?

It is a commonly known fact that younger drivers carry higher rates when it comes to car insurance. This is because they have less driving experience and are seen as a liability.

On the other hand, when it comes to senior drivers, their rates tend to drop because it is believed that they tend to drive less.

So what about residents in Pomona Valley? On which end of the spectrum do they fall?

The average age for residents living in Pomona Valley is 39. Thus, they are more likely to experience the lower rates that accompany older and more experienced drivers.

Furthermore, as of January 2019, insurance carriers can no longer base their rates on gender in the state of California. While this may level the planning field for gender, age is still a prominent factor.

Let’s take a look at the average rates for ages 17, 25, 35, and 60.

Region17 Years Old25 Years Old35 Years Old60 Years Old
Pomona Valley$7,119.16$3,254.22$2,541.38$2,260.64

Looking at the data table, we see that 17-year-olds have the highest rates at $7,119.16. This drops dramatically for individuals in the next tier, that is, 25-year-olds.

Remember, the average age for residents living in Pomona Valley is 39. Thus, at minimum, they would most likely be paying the third tier, or $2,541.38. Older residents have the lowest annual premium on average.

So despite new California legislation, age continues to be a driving factor for insurance companies when assessing rates.

What are the cheapest ZIP codes in Pomona Valley?

Do you live by a scenic body of water? Or do you live in a city with high crime rates? Yes, location is another factor that influences your rates.

Let’s take a look below.

Zip CodeAverage Annual Rate

From the data table, we learn that Pomona (91768) has the largest annual insurance premium at $5,491.42. The lowest ZIP code is attributed to La Verne (91750) at $5,073.13.

The difference between the two areas is over $400, proving that location does indeed play a major part in one’s rates.

What’s the best car insurance company in Pomona Valley?

Companies often base rates on other factors besides age and location. Commute rates, credit history, and driving records further play a part in your rates.

Keep reading to learn more.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Company

The table below displays the rates, on average, for top providers in Pomona Valley.

CompanySingle 17-Year-Old FemaleSingle 17-Year-Old MaleSingle 25-Year-Old FemaleSingle 25-Year-Old MaleMarried 35-Year-Old FemaleMarried 35-Year-Old MaleMarried 60-Year-Old FemaleMarried 60-Year-Old Male
Liberty Mutual$4,930.44$5,289.43$2,560.04$2,599.51$2,283.57$2,150.05$2,136.06$2,063.84
State Farm$6,238.39$7,743.94$3,736.15$3,851.38$3,373.55$3,373.55$3,015.20$3,015.20

From a quick look, it seems that USAA provides the lowest rates for Pomona Valley. USAA, however, is strictly for military members and their families. Thus, the next runner up is Progressive.

Progressive, for instance, charges single, 17-year-old males $5,613.97 annually for car insurance. Compare Progressive’s rates to Farmers, who has the highest rates listed by company on average at $15,037.15, and you’ll notice a difference of over $9,000 for the same demographic.

While looking at averages allows us to gain keen insight on rates overall, one must also take into account specific rates for their demographics. For instance, Farmers, which has the highest rates overall, had some fairly decent rates for married, 35-year-old females and married, 35-year-old males.

Thus, it’s essential to shop around and find the best option for you and your family.

Best Car Insurance for Commute Rates

If you have a longer commute, some companies will take this into account and spike up rates. Sometimes, they won’t penalize you for having longer commutes.

In California, the average miles driven for residents is 13,414 miles — something to keep in mind as we take a look at commute rates for the Pomona Valley region.

Company10-Mile Commute/
6,000 Miles Annually
25-Mile Commute/
12,000 Miles Annually
Liberty Mutual$2,753.78$3,249.46
State Farm$4,137.06$4,449.78

It’s important to know that if you’re living in Pomona Valley, you’ll most likely find yourself in the second tier. So which companies give their customers a break when it comes to long commutes?

Each company, in fact, spikes up rates for longer commutes.

After USAA, Progressive comes in with the second set of cheapest commute rates.

Farmers penalizes the most, with nearly $1,000 difference for longer commutes, something to definitely keep in mind as you’re checking out insurance carriers’ rates on commutes.

Best Car Insurance for Coverage Level Rates

Did you have plans on beefing up your coverage? In some cases, insurance carriers will increase rates based on an increase in coverage levels. But is that the case for Pomona Valley?

Let’s take a brief look.

Liberty Mutual$2,773.16$3,028.73$3,202.96
State Farm$3,850.02$4,372.57$4,657.67

It’s important to look at how rates change over time, versus simply how low they initially start off. The highest rate change goes to Travelers, while the lowest rate change goes to Allstate.

Knowing what insurers offer a bit more grace when expanding your coverage is essential, especially as every single penny saved counts.

Best Car Insurance for Credit History Rates

Some companies do indeed factor one’s credit history when assigning rates.

California is different because, in this state, such practices have been banned through recent legislation. Thus, it is against the law for insurance companies to discriminate based on credit history.

Keep reading to see just how one’s driving record could impact the average insurance premiums paid in Pomona Valley.

Best Car Insurance for Driving Record Rates

Having a clean record can save you dollars when it comes to some insurance companies, while some, on the other hand, rack up their premiums based on the accidents or DUIs you may have.

Check out the table below to see the rates for the Pomona Valley region in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

GroupClean RecordWith One Speeding ViolationWith One AccidentWith One DUI
Liberty Mutual$2,605.47$2,761.10$3,488.33$3,151.57
State Farm$3,065.59$3,556.70$3,654.91$6,896.49

For Pomona Valley, all companies increase their rates based on going from a clean record to a DUI.

But to what extent?

Liberty Mutual has the lowest rate change, at 20.96 percent. This is followed by Farmers at 69.18 percent. And the highest? Allstate at 164.90 percent, respectively.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen.

Seeing how dramatic some of these increases are shows that it pays to drive on the safer side — it can save lives and, in most cases, dollars.

What are some car insurance factors in Pomona?

To know what factors impact your rate is one thing — understanding how those rates come to be is a different and still rather important matter.

We’ll zone in on Pomona City so you can see the various factors, like homeownership or higher education, for instance, that have an influence on the price you pay for car insurance.

Stay with me.

Pomona Metro Report

The closest metropolitan area to Pomona is Los Angeles. Thus, we’ll be looking at Los Angeles to get a better sense of the city’s economic performance. Through the Bookings Institute’s annual Metro Monitor Report, we see glimpses into the economic performance of the 100 largest metropolitan regions in the U.S.

According to this report, Los Angeles ranks 54th in growth and 13th in prosperity nationwide.

Here are the details for growth in the city of Los Angeles.

Metropolitan Statistical AreaChange in Number of JobsChange in Gross Metropolitan ProductChange in Jobs at Young Firms
Los Angeles, California1.20%2.60%2.90%

Here are the details for prosperity in the city of Los Angeles.
Metropolitan Statistical AreaChange in ProductivityChange in Standard of LivingChange in Average Annual Wage
Los Angeles, California1.30%2.40%2.50%

Median Household Income in Pomona

If you’re planning on relocating to Pomona or currently live there, it’s important to know just how much money is spent annually on car insurance. According to DataUSA, households in Pomona have a median annual income of $53,281 (this is less than the national average for the United States at $61,937).

So just how much of their annual income are residents in the city of Pomona spending on car insurance?

If the median household income in Pomona is $53,281 and the average annual cost for insurance in the area is $5,281.32, residents in Pomona are spending roughly 9.91 percent of their annual income on car insurance.

That’s quite a bit. Shopping around to ensure you are getting the best deal is a good idea for Pomona residents.

If you want to find out how much of your annual income is being spent on car insurance, feel free to use the free calculator tool below.


Homeownership in Pomona

Whether or not you own your home can influence your insurance rates — something to keep in mind when looking for the best possible deals. Insurance companies see stability in homeownership and tend to believe that you are less of a liability if you own your own property.

In 2017, 52.6 percent of the housing units in Pomona, CA, were occupied by their owner.

This number grew from 2016, wherein the percent of homeownership was just 52.2 percent. In relation to the rest of the nation, this percentage is lower than the national average of 63.9 percent.

Pomona also has a lower homeowner percentage than most of its neighboring cities — Montclair (60.1 percent), Claremont (66.2 percent), La Verne (73.3 percent), and Chino Hills (79.2 percent) — yet beats out Industry, CA (14.4) and the entire Los Angeles County (46.3 percent).

Furthermore, in 2017, the median property value in Pomona grew to $344,200 from the previous year’s value of $310,100.

Education in Pomona

Higher education can affect your insurance rates because insurance carriers believe that being awarded a Bachelor’s degree, for instance, proves a responsibility that they hope will transfer to paying your insurance.

That being said, Pomona is home to a number of colleges and universities. In 2017, universities awarded 8,657 degrees to graduates in the city of Pomona. The student population of Pomona is skewed towards men (17,358 students) rather than women (16,214 students).

The top three universities that awarded degrees were California State Polytechnic University-Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona), Devry University-California, and Western University of Health Sciences.

In the same year, the top majors in the city of Pomona in terms of popularity were General Hospitality Management; Other Business Administration, Management, and Operations; and General Business Administration and Management.

The City of Pomona also offers an array of community colleges, giving individuals a wide variety of subjects to choose from.

Wage by Race and Ethnicity in Common Jobs in Pomona

Unfortunately, some individuals are paid more to work in similar jobs than their counterparts.

This is an important factor because some individuals will be paid higher and have a lower car insurance premium, while those on the opposing scale are most likely to pay more.

In 2017, the highest paid race/ethnicity of Pomona workers was Asian at $65,946.00. These workers were paid 1.11 times more than white workers, who made the second highest salary of any race/ethnicity at $59,925.00.

Individuals of two or more races proceeded white workers for salary earned during that year at $49,289.00.

Remembering that the average annual premium for Pomona residents is $5,281.32, this means that the following premiums for these individuals were:

  • Asian – 8.01 percent
  • White – 8.81 percent
  • Two or more races – 10.72 percent

When you take a look at the percentage of annual income spent on car insurance by each of these races and ethnicities, it becomes apparent why it’s so vital to shop around for the best car insurance.

Wage by Gender in Common Jobs in Pomona

Again, wages can significantly impact workers’ wages for common jobs, which then could affect their pockets when paying for car insurance.

According to DataUSA, in 2017, full-time male employees in California made 1.26 times more than female employees. Furthermore, in 2017, the average male salary in the city was $72,235, while the average female salary was $57,252.

When you factor in the average cost of auto insurance in Pomona at $5,281.32, this means that men are paying 7.31 percent of their income to cover premiums while women are paying 9.22 percent of their salary for car insurance.

So while the gender rates may be the same, because of the variance of wages in common jobs, women would certainly benefit from finding the cheapest rates.

Poverty by Age and Gender in Pomona

Whether you are living in poverty can determine how you may be impacted when it comes to your car insurance premium.

Let’s consider the city of Pomona. Of the population in Pomona, 20.7 percent, or 30.7 thousand out of 148 thousand individuals, live below the poverty line.

This percentage of poverty is higher than the national average, which is roughly 13.1 percent.

The largest demographic living in poverty are females 35–44. This is again followed by the female population ages 18–24. Lastly, females in the 25–34 group face poverty.

Again, these demographics would benefit from shopping around to lower the amount they pay for car insurance each year.

Poverty by Race and Ethnicity in Pomona

As you have found in the former parts of this guide, sex, age, and race can, in any case, affect the percentage of income spent on vehicle premiums. Let’s now take a look at poverty by one’s race and ethnicity.

In the city of Pomona, Hispanics are the most disadvantaged group, roughly 22,608 individuals. This is proceeded by individuals who are white, at 16,741 individuals.

Lastly, those who identify as Other make up roughly 7,619 individuals.

These disadvantaged groups are more at risk for higher car insurance premiums and would definitely benefit from comparing rates.

Employment by Occupations in Pomona

According to DataUSA, most individuals living in the city of Pomona hold Office and Administrative Support Occupations positions (roughly 8,900 people).

The second occupation commonly worked by Pomona residents was in Sales and Related Occupations (7,433 people).

Lastly, approximately 6,101 individuals held jobs in Production Occupations (6,101 people).

Driving in Pomona

While it’s important to talk car insurance and the factors that make up rates, it’s also important to discuss things that make up your tangible driving experience, like road conditions, which could also determine how much you pay out of pocket for car insurance.

Let’s get to it.

What are major roads in Pomona?

In areas like the Greater Los Angeles area, where things tend to be spread out, driving is the most popular option for getting around.

Keep scrolling to learn more about major highways and road conditions in the city of Pomona.

Major Highways

The state of California has 12 active interstates, making up 2,457.34 miles altogether.

Interstates serving the city of Pomona are the following:

  • I-60
  • I-57
  • I-10
  • I-71

map of major highways in Pomona

Fortunately for Pomona residents, there are no tolls roads, and the ones west, closer out to Los Angeles, can easily be maneuvered around. If, however, you are passing through tolls regularly in Los Angeles, you would most likely own a FasTrak device.

FasTrak is a toll monitoring used on tollways in California, allowing drivers to pass through designated “FasTrak Only” lanes without stopping.

To get a FasTrak, individuals start by selecting a plan.

Popular Road Trips/Sites

Pomona City is the host to many special events.

One of the most popular events held in the city is the annual L.A. County Fair at the Fairplex. This event in 2019 generated an attendance of over one million people and has many rides, sites, and attractions.

Pomona City is also host to many creative art shows.

Here’s a little more about some of the gems in downtown:

We’ll talk about road conditions next.

Road Conditions

Whether or not the roads you take are in condition could determine if you pay more money for the wear and tear on your vehicle; this, in turn, could add to costs you pay monthly for insurance.

A study by the National Transportation Research Group documented the pavement conditions and additional vehicle operating costs in an array of urban areas with populations of 500,000 individuals or more.

Los Angeles, which was included in the study, displayed the following stats:

  • Poor share – 57 percent
  • Mediocre share – 22 percent
  • Fair – 11 percent
  • Good – 10 percent
  • VOC – $921

As you could see, the majority of roads are in poor and mediocre conditions; be sure, then, to keep up maintenance on your vehicle to combat these bad road conditions and ultimately lower the amount you pay out of pocket for expenses on your car.

Does Pomona use speeding or red-light cameras?

Red-light cameras are meant to discourage speeding, which tends to claim the lives of hundreds of individuals each year.

While opponents argue that revenue generated by tickets and enforcement makes big bucks for the government, for some, these cameras are a matter of life and death.

As of January 2020, according to IIHS, there are 341 communities implementing red-light camera programs. Of the 35 communities in California, Los Angeles County is among those that are currently implementing the use of red-light cameras.

What type of vehicles are in Pomona?

Even the type of vehicle you own could make you subject to higher insurance premiums.

Keep reading to find out more about vehicle theft rates in the city of Pomona, as well as potential speed traps.

Let’s continue.

Most Popular Vehicles Owned

According to the Los Angeles Times, more trucks were sold than cars in 2018 through June for both Los Angeles County and its neighboring Orange County.

And while the Honda Civic found itself to be the most popular vehicle in California overall, trucks like the Ford F-Series, Toyota RAV4, and the Toyota Tacoma also made the list.

But just how many cars per household do residents in Pomona own?

We’ll address that next.

How many cars per household?

Keeping the operating costs down for your vehicle is extremely important. For Pomona residents, this is even more so, as they tend to own two cars, followed by three.

Three cars mean three times the price for insurance — a good reason why shopping around is extremely important for those living in Pomona.

Households Without a Car

The data below, as reported from, from 2015 and 2016, shows the percentage of households in the city of Pomona that rely on transportation options other than their own vehicles.

YearHouseholds Without VehiclesVehicles per Household

As you can see, the percentage of households without vehicles decreased between 2015 and 2016, while the number of vehicles per household increased.

Speed Traps in Pomona

Getting caught in a speed trap can increase your car insurance rates if you’re not careful. Speed traps are instances where law enforcement conceals their car while tracking drivers’ speeds using radar guns.

Speed traps are designed to inhibit speeding and promote safer driving habits, but they also have the potential to bring in substantial revenue for a city.

Fortunately, Pomona did not make the top 10 lists for speed traps in California. If you’re ever traveling to Burbank or even out of town to San Diego, as well as these other cities, you might want to watch out.

Vehicle Theft in Pomona

Whether or not you live in a safe area could also raise your insurance costs, as cities with high crime rates tend to pay higher for car insurance because there is a greater chance that a vehicle can get damaged or stolen.

So just how safe is your vehicle if you live in the city of Pomona?

Well, the FBI’s 2018 Crime in the U.S. Report revealed that there were 1,030 motor vehicle thefts in Pomona in that year alone.

Neighborhood Scout has indicated that the following neighborhoods are the safest areas in the city that residents should consider:

  • Pomona Boulevard/State Street
  • W. Mission Boulevard/W. Phillips Drive
  • Rio Rancho Road/Lone Ridge Road
  • W. Bonita Avenue/N. Garey Avenue
  • S. Towne Avenue/E. Grand Avenue
  • Gleneagles Avenue/Laurel Avenue
  • Washington Avenue/Lincoln Avenue
  • S. Reservoir Street/Philadelphia Street
  • S. Mountain Avenue/Ashfield Avenue
  • Spadra

According to Neighborhood Scout, your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Pomona are approximately one out of 172.

Your chance of being a victim of violent crime in that state of California is a tad bit higher than that of Pomona City, which is a one out of 224 chance.

Here’s data regarding incidents of violent crime in the city of Pomona in 2017:

Pomona Violent Crimes 2017MurderRapeRobberyAssault
Report Total1878364427
Rate Per 1,000 People0.120.512.392.8

In addition to this, below are Pomona City’s annual number of crimes as of 2017.

Pomona Annual CrimesViolentPropertyTotal
Number of Crimes8874,9025,789
Crime Rate (Per 1,000 Residents)5.8232.1738

Neighborhood Scout also reported that the city of Pomona is safer than 9 percent of U.S. cities, rating it number nine in the crime index (with 100 being the safest).

Considering this, shopping around to find the best rates, especially if you live outside of those safer areas, is extremely important.

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How is traffic in Pomona?

Traffic congestion can also impact the amount of money you pay, adding to your insurance costs.

Next, we’ll have an in-depth look at the average commute time city residents face daily, transportation stats, road safety data, and so much more.

Traffic Congestion in Pomona

Individuals that live in Pomona are a part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Thus, the Los Angeles highways would be a great place to start when looking at traffic congestion for Pomona residents.

Below is the congestion data collected by INRIX’s Annual Traffic Scorecard Study.

Let’s take a look.

Urban AreaHours Lost in CongestionCost of Congestion Per DriverInner City Travel Time (Minutes)Inner City Last Mile Speed (mph)
Los Angeles128$1,788414

This study found that Los Angeles has the worst traffic among all other cities, worldwide.

For individuals living in Pomona, they would for sure benefit by shopping around for car insurance, given the additional costs from traffic congestion.


According to DataUSA, employees in Pomona have a commute time of 29 minutes. This commute time is longer than that average U.S. work, which is 25.1 minutes.

Additionally, 4.08 percent of the workforce in Pomona, CA, have “super commutes” in excess of 90 minutes.

So, what transportation methods do Pomona residents use to get to work?

In 2017, the most common method of travel for workers in Pomona was those who drive alone (73.8 percent). This was followed by those who carpooled (15.5 percent) and last, those who worked at home (4 percent).

Busiest Highways

If you’ve heard of Los Angeles, then you know that traffic can be brutal. But just how busy are highways that service the Pomona area? Here is data released by California Open Data, which sheds light on the barriers Pomona Valley residents face.

Let’s take a look.

Route NumberCountyVehicle Hours of Delay (VHD) RankAnnual Vehicle Hours of Delay (VHD) at 35 Miles per Hour (mph)Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)Number of IncidentsIncidents/ DayIncidents/Million VMT

From Pomona, the 10 freeway goes east into Santa Monica, while the 60 services the eastern region of the cities and communities in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Just looking at the incidents per day, we see how frantic these highways can be. Shopping around for the best car insurance would be great, especially as accidents do happen, are more likely to happen on busier roads.

How safe are Pomona Valley streets and roads?

Again, getting into an accident will surely drive up your insurance rates, so how safe are the streets and roads you are driving on in Pomona? Let’s take a look at data collected by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

2015201620172018Fatalaties per 100,000 Population
All Crashes6396518377516706.366.458.277.426.63
Single-Vehicle Crashes3593894724233993.573.854.664.183.95
Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Intersection (or Intersection Related2342423072732392.332.
Pedestrian Fatalities2092092782652252.082.072.752.622.23
Speeding-Involved Fatalities2402313082382152.392.293.042.352.13
Roadway Departure Involved Crash Fatalities1902092622152051.892.072.592.122.03
Alcohol-Impaired Driving (BAC=.08+) Fatalities1721492422061981.711.482.392.041.9
Passenger Car Occupant Fatalities2002022632111911.9922.62.091.89
Bicyclist (or Other Cyclist) Fatalities24333736330.240.330.370.360.33

This data provides information that could make one more aware while out on the road and prevent accidents (and subsequently keep one’s car insurance rates down).

Furthermore, the following table reveals additional data released by NHTSA regarding Los Angeles highways with the highest incidence of crash fatalities.

California Road TypeFatal Crashes
Freeway and Expressway498
Minor Arterial594
Collector Arterial488
Total Fatal Crashes3,259

Based on the data above, most fatal crashes occurred on local roads. There was also a high number of accidents categorized as “other.”

Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report

Driving in a city with safer drivers will help lower your insurance premium because you are less likely to get in an accident. So just how safe are drivers in the city of Pomona?

Allstate helps identify which of the 200 largest U.S. cities have the safest drivers in their America’s Best Drivers Report. According to the report, the city of Pomona is listed as the 150th-safest city to drive in 2019.

On average, residents in Pomona also went around 7.9 years between filing each claim Allstate’s report also revealed — this number is lower than the national average of 10.57 years.


Saving on car insurance is possible, especially if you take the ridesharing option.

What types of ridesharing opportunities are available in Pomona? According to RideGuru, here are some alternative options of travel in the Pomona city area:

  • UberX
  • Lyft
  • Taxi
  • Curb
  • Uber Select
  • Lyft Premier
  • Carmel
  • Uber Black
  • Lyft Lux
  • Uber Lux
  • Carmel DX
  • Carmel LX

On a route from Pomona to Los Angeles, Uber tends to be the cheaper option for standard rides, while Lyft tends to be cheaper in the deluxe category.

On average, it’s a little over $100 getting to Los Angeles, but you could easily get a ride starting at $40 using Uber or Lyft.

E-star Repair Shops

If you do ever get into a collision or are met with bad roads, you want to make sure you are getting the best quality in repairs, as this could lead to additional money spent and more problems in the long run.

Esurance created the E-star program to help individuals with car damage find reputable shops in its network of over 1,400 facilities.

Here are a few nearby facilities in the city of Pomona:

Shop NameAddressContact Info
Fix Auto Montclair5566 Holt Blvd. Montclair, CA 91763email: [email protected]
P: (909) 482-1540
F: (909) 992-3304
Caliber - Covina433 E. San Bernardino Rd.
Covina, CA 91723
email: [email protected]
P: (626) 915-4953
F: (626) 339-4017
Service King Ontario1830 East Cedar St.
Ontario, CA 91761
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 947-3763
F: (909) 947-5273
CARSTAR Avalon Rancho Cucamonga9435 9th St.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
P: (909) 483-3073
F: (909) 483-3075
Caliber - Brea195 Arovista Circle
Brea, CA 92821
email: [email protected]
P: (714) 482-0302
F: (714) 482-0308
Fix Auto Ontario4930 Vanderbilt St.
Ontario, CA 91761
email: [email protected]
P: (909) 605-7575
F: (909) 494-7474
Caliber - Duarte1718 Highland Ave.
Duarte, CA 91010
email: [email protected]
P: (626) 357-9407
F: (626) 357-9717
Caliber - Norco2000 S. Four Wheel Dr.
Norco, CA 92860
email: [email protected]
P: (951) 736-1398
F: (972) 906-7164
Imperial Body Shop121 Industry Ave.
La Habra, CA 90631
email: [email protected]
P: (714) 879-9092
F: (714) 879-8814
Service King Placentia750 Monroe Way
Placentia, CA 92870
email: [email protected]
P: (714) 579-1800
F: (714) 579-1807
Pacific Elite - Fullerton East1621 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92831
email: [email protected]
P: (714) 888-9000
F: (714) 888-9213

Hopefully, some of these locations are near you.

What is the weather like in Pomona?

Pomona, like the rest of Los Angeles County, has warm to mild weather throughout the year, with very little precipitation.

But to get a better picture, we’ll take a look at U.S. Climate Data, which releases studies regarding average temperatures by city nationwide.

Here are the statistics for the city of Pomona:

  • Annual High Temperature – 77.1°
  • Annual Low Temperature – 49.9°
  • Average Temperature – 63.5°
  • Average Annual Precipitation
    • Rainfall – 16.99 inches

This ideal weather is what makes Los Angeles County so appealing.

While things tend to be on the bright side (literally) for Pomona, the city, like other communities, is subject to an array of natural disasters. These natural disasters should also make you think about which type of additional coverage you may need for your car. They are the following:

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Storms
  • Landslides
  • Winter Storms
  • Mudslides
  • Earthquakes
  • Freezes
  • Heavy Rain
  • Hurricanes
  • Snow
  • Tornadoes
  • Wind

Just about everyone knows that California is frequently on the news for fires, as well as flash floods — which happen rarely but can occur in extreme conditions.

Thus, it would be wise to look at comprehensive coverage, which would protect your vehicle in case of a fire (be sure to get covered soon before an incident occurs). Comprehensive coverage also protects vehicles flooded in a storm as well — something to definitely consider.

Is public transit available in Pomona?

Again, taking public transit could save you on car insurance premiums each year. But just how much does it cost?

In the city of Pomona, there are several options for public transportation.

In regards to buses, the Foothill Transit, which services the city of Pomona, charges $1.75 for an adult single trip (if you get a reloadable Tap card, that price drops to $1.50). Eligible discounts also apply.

The Silver Streak services Downtown Los Angeles, El Monte, West Covina, Pomona, and Montclair and charges $3.00 for adult fare ($2.75 with Tap). Students, seniors, and persons with disabilities, as well as groups, are eligible for discounts on The Silver Streak.

The Metrolink train charges $9 for a trip from downtown Pomona to L.A. Union Station, in downtown Los Angeles. In case you were looking to get in some adventures further than downtown, good news, as tickets are $10 flat on the weekends (including roundtrips).

Are other Alternative Transportation available in Pomona?

Other modes of transportation exist outside of the traditional bus and train. For instance, if you’re in the city, you may have seen individuals zooming past on bicycles or scooters.

These alternative forms of transportation get people where they need to go without all the car-hassles, like parking and bumper to bumper traffic.

Lime-E is a bike program that allows individuals to cruise throughout the city to experience an intimate experience.

Lime-S are electric scooters that get you around town as well.

Lime-S is serviced in these areas in the Greater Los Angeles region:

  • Culver City
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica

Bird is also a scooter rental service. It services the same areas as well.

So whether you live in Pomona and want to explore Los Angeles, these alternative modes of transportation can help you partake on your next adventure in the city.

Is parking easy in Pomona?

Parking can be a hassle, but it doesn’t necessarily have to if you have the right information — for instance, some parking in Pomona is free, while other listed rates go to $2 for two hours.

While a lot of the big apps like Parkmobile and Spot Angels have very little data on Pomona, the city itself offers an array of parking options.

Whether paying with cash, coin, or card, the city of Pomona makes paying for parking a very accessible task. Here are meter instructions provided by the Vehicle Parking District of the city of Pomona:

  1. Press any button to activate and start payment machine
  2. Enter parking space number occupied by vehicle
  3. Select desired time for parking
  4. Make payment (Cash, Coin, or Credit)
  5. Receipt optional (You do not have to place the receipt on your dashboard)

If you have an electric vehicle, there may be parking options available for you, as well. California leads the nation with 18,000 charging stations for electric vehicles, and a handful of those locations can be found near Pomona.

Municipal parking lots and prices for Pomona can also be found on

How is the air quality in Pomona?

So with all these cars in motion, one begs to ask the question — just how bad is the air quality in Pomona? The United States Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) gives us a glimpse.

Let’s take a look at the chart below regarding Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County Air Quality Index201720182019
Days with AQI365365273
Good Days383596
Days Moderate205220160
Days Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups769013
Days Unhealthy38194
Days Very Unhealthy81-

From the chart, we see that Los Angeles County had more days spent in the moderate category than in any other type (these days still pose a potential health risk, though acceptable on general terms).


Serving in the military also has some perks when it comes to paying for your car insurance. Whether you are still serving or have previously served, you very well could be eligible for discounts.

Keep scrolling to learn more about veteran statistics in the city by service period and top providers that offer discounts to veterans and members of the military.

Stay with me.

Veterans by Service Period

According to DataUSA, the city of Pomona has a large population of military personnel who served in Vietnam (roughly 1,110 individuals). This was followed by those who fought in the second and first Gulf War, 893 and 370, respectively.

Military Bases Within an Hour

Located near Pomona are a few military bases; they are the following:

  • March ARB Base (roughly 40 minutes)
  • Los Angeles Air Force Base (roughly 50 minutes)

Military Discounts by Providers

Veterans in the Greater Los Angeles area can find the best military car insurance discounts with the following providers:

  • Allstate
  • Esurance – LA only
  • Farmers
  • Geico – active or retired
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Metlife
  • Liberty Mutual – must be active duty
  • Safe Auto – in LA only, must be active duty
  • Safeco – active and retired
  • StateFarm – only in select states
  • The General – LA only
  • USAA – you, your spouse, or your parents must be active or retired military to get USAA auto insurance

USAA Available in State

USAA is explicitly accessible to U.S. military workforce and their families.

Through the following table, one can perceive the amount you can spare with USAA, in contrast to the insurer’s rates with its opposition and the state average (that is, $3,688.93).

GroupAnnual PremiumCompared to State Average (+/-)Compared to State Average (%)
Liberty Mutual$3,034.42-$654.51-17.74%
State Farm$4,202.28$513.3513.92%

Looking at the data, USAA, which comes in at $995.06 below the state average, displaying why it is a good option for active and retired military personnel.

Unique Pomona Laws

Each city has laws that make up their character and disposition, and Pomona is no different. In fact, the laws of Pomona city are very orderly and sophisticated, covering everything from family life, to work life, and city life.

When it comes to driving laws, Pomona Valley is still subject to California state laws, such as the prohibition of cell phone use while operating a car, and under laws that fall under Los Angeles’ municipalities and ordinances.

Food Trucks

If you’re looking to start a food truck business or curious about the process, the city of Pomona outlines a simple process.

All individuals and companies doing business in the City of Pomona are required by the City Code (Section 50-331, et. seq.) to obtain a City of Pomona Business License prior to commencing operations.

If you plan to own a food truck, be mindful that in addition to licensing, you would also need car insurance.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are unconventional homes that are smaller in size, allowing individuals to have a sense of home and essential needs without paying a lot of money.

In order to build tiny homes in Pomona one would need to follow the building and zoning ordinances for the city, that is, having a permit in order to build in the city.

Furthermore, buildings must uphold the standards of the city and pass inspection.

Saving on your home could, in turn, mean more money to spend on your car insurance, securing the right and coverage that meets you and your family’s overall needs.

Parking Laws

In regards to Parking Laws, Pomona has its own set of laws. For instance, it is against the law for residents to park on public streets in the city of Pomona — this includes vehicles marked for sale.

The City of Pomona’s Vehicle Parking District (or VPD) was established to fill the need for off-street parking for Downtown Pomona. The commission is responsible for regulating and enforcing 27 parking lots within the Downtown area, including timed, permit, and lease parking lot zones of various durations.

Some streets require a parking permit, in which you’d called (909) 620-2281 or 2282 to obtain information for specific streets — at no cost.

In regards to residential parking, Pomona City restricts parking on public streets. The city of Pomona also has regulations for employee parking.

Pomona Valley Car Insurance FAQs

Now that you’ve learned about car insurance factors for Pomona Valley and learned about the driving culture for the biggest city in Pomona Valley, the city of Pomona, here are some frequently asked questions.

Will Fuller Seminary move to Pomona?

Fuller Theological Seminary will no longer leave its Pasadena campus to move to Pomona. This is primarily due to two a couple of factors. The first is regarding construction costs in high escalation. The second? The inability to reach cohesive attitudes with the city of Pasadena, which in turn affected both the sale and sale price of the original campus.

When does Pomona release admission decisions?

The best thing to do would be to contact admissions, as things are subject to change. The school considers natural disasters and those affected, such as the recent wildfires; while this gives students, in some cases, more time to submit their application, it also may, in turn, cause a delay in the admission process.

Thus, admissions would have the most accurate information on college admission decision deadlines.

Admissions for Pomona College can be contacted at 909-621-8134 or at their email, [email protected].

Where is Pomona, California, located?

Pomona, California, is located in southern California, in Los Angeles County, east of Los Angeles, approximately 29 miles.

What hotels are near Pomona, California?

In case you plan on moving to Pomona, or just visiting, Pomona has an array of hotels, some starting as low as $69 per night.

Furthermore, Pomona is a great place to stay in case you want to visit Los Angeles, as staying on the outskirts of L.A. and driving inbound can be a cheaper experience than setting up camp in Los Angeles.

What properties in Pomona are for rent?

Pomona has a variety of homes, as well as in the surrounding areas of Pomona Valley.

Pomona is appealing to many due to its close proximity to Los Angeles, allowing you to experience the city without the high living costs that accompany Los Angeles.

Therefore, living in Pomona is a great alternative for those wanting to relocate to Southern California.

To find the best insurance rates in Pomona, enter your ZIP code below.